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Custom Band Merchandise

Merchandise, Custom Band Merch & Print, band tshirts, band stickers, merch, Band Merchandise uk, custom badges, 25mm Badges, band merch, custom picks, stickers, lighters, banners.

Band Merchandise

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We specialise in supplying record labels, bands, promoters, solists and venues which means all our products are tailoured for your needs.   You can have your logo or name and any of the products. We also offer short runs on all the merch band, meaning you can buy in quantities which are reasonable if you are

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Click on the band tshirts video to see just some of the personalised printed tshirts. Custom Printed tee shirts can be in any of the colours. Bands tshirt can be printed to your design



merch band, from some great bands. band merch can be custom printed to your design. Merchandise can be mutli or single colour. Band merchandise is a great way to generate much needed tour funds. Tour merchandise can be provided in quantity

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This is the first entry in the Band It Blog, and I'm new to all this blogging so please bear with me in my merch band blogging.

I thought I would just write a little on How to create a band tshirt and the kind of images that work well on band tshirts.... read more band tshirts

12th October - thought I would have a bit of a ramble about some of the wacky merchandise you can get out of there, whilst our band badges, band tshirts, band stickers are all pretty common place for bands there are some slghtly more wacky ones such as watches, shot glasses, thongs. Why not drop us a note on eacky merch you've found ?

8th November - battle of the bands - a great start , The first ever battle of the bands kicked off just days ago and is going great thanks to all the bands that have enterred....

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