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Band It Gear - Custom Band Merchandise & Print, merch, Band Merchandise uk, custom badges, 25mm Badges, Band Merchandise uk, band merch, custom picks, band tshirts, stickers, picks, banners.

Frequently asked questions :

Q1. Can You send out samples ?

We can in most cases send out samples, this wil depend on availability. These samples will be of bands we have previously produced, unfortunately due to set up costs involved we will be unable to produce one offs with your band name/logo on.

Q2. I'm Ordering thirts, what do I pay for?

Unlike straightforward merch like badges or bottle openers, tshirt printing uses screen printing, this means the cost builds with additional colours, best option is to drop us an email and we'll take a look for you.

Q3. My Band is doing really well, would you like to sponsor us?

Thank you for the offer, however we get a lot of these requests, as we don't display our brand on the goods there is little benefit. Therfore unfortunately, its a no.

Q4. My website is relevant to band it gear, would you like to link exchange?

Yes. We're always looking to add relevant sites onto our links page, please drop us an email with the details.



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